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Russell HR Consulting has provided human resource advice and support to builders merchants since 2008. From advising on employees who come to work drunk or drugged, to dealing with those who climb the racking or suffer from chronic Monday-itis, from sorting out social media silliness to drivers with bad backs, we’ve seen and advised on it all! If you need help sorting out any HR issues, get in touch. If any of your team are not meeting your reasonable workplace standards nearly all the time, you’re losing money. Working with us adds value to your bottom line. Here’s how. Having worked with merchants since 2008, we understand your environment and the problems you face. Our retained HR service gives you a fixed fee plan which means you get HR support from people who already grasp the essentials of your business. We give commercial, proactive and robust advice. The contents of each retained service are tailored to meet the individual organisation’s needs. Typically they include:

  • an HR audit to assess where you are now and where you need to be;
  • clear and practical HR advice which is confirmed in writing;
  • proactive follow ups;
  • a review and update of employment documents;
  • provision of correspondence, policies and procedures;
  • employment law updates in clear English;
  • regular education and training;
  • conversations with a friendly, understanding and knowledgeable advisor.

If you want to factor site visits into your HR plan, we are happy to do so.

Why work with us?

When you work with us you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • we already understand your environment so communication is easy
  • your people problems will be solved;
  • we help you identify issues and nip them in the bud;
  • we understand your business so we’re able to target our advice effectively;
  • because we take the time to explore the issues and explain the options you get much more knowledgeable yourself – and that makes your management skills better;
  • you’ll find that over time working with us saves you time and makes you more profitable;
  • oh yes – and we’re fun to deal with too!

To find out a bit about our approach, here’s Kate talking about dealing with “chronic Monday-itis”

90% of our business is repeat or referred. That fact speaks volumes. Read what our merchant clients say.

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Your HR queries:

Dear Kate

We have two employees who are arguing continuously. They have both worked for the business for some time and there’s always been some tension. They are completely different personalities and rub each other up the wrong way. Recently, they were both on the trade counter. Steve turned off the heater, which he knew would annoy Jason – and it did. They had a sharp exchange in front of customers which included one or two industrial epithets. They’re behaving like children. What do I do?

“Unwilling Nursemaid”

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